WLAN Infrastructure Solutions

Today, the end-user needs, especially in the communication field, reveal the environment requirements that can accommodate high technology and provide fast and flexible connection in every environment. With the help of wireless network solutions, you can quickly and easily expand the coverage of your local network, providing fast and reliable network access to your mobile users.

Wireless networking has become a preferred network technology due to its scalability, with all of your devices being used quickly and reliably in the same environment, and with significant reductions in wiring costs.

Establishing seamless wireless connections (WLANs) running on well-designed and securely managed local area networks (LANs) has an extremely critical pre-requisite for building enterprise-efficient operations. IsnetServis prefers the products of the world’s leading manufacturers to provide this; Avaya, Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus.


While project management, the applications below are used in terms of basics;

  • - Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Applications
  • - User/Device based security protocols
  • - Logging and Guest Interfaces (Hot-Spot)
  • - Connection protocols to wired networks