LAN/WAN Infrastructure Solutions

IsnetServis has more than 20 years of experience in the design, development and support of all local and wide area networks, from small businesses to medium and large enterprises and organizations.

The creation of well-designed and securely managed local area networks (LANs) and their remote point-to-point connectivity (WAN) has an extremely critical pre-requisite for building enterprise-efficient operations. IsnetServis prefers the products of the world’s leading manufacturers to provide this; Avaya, Cisco, Fortigate.

These networks are designed and developed after they have been clarified according to the needs of the firm and the dynamics of the business areas of the customers. In this regard, efficient field discovery and design operations required to find out the necessary infrastructures, especially in critical environments where continuous communication is essential in end-user devices, such as critical production sites, is accomplished by our expert teams in a highly rigorous work environment. (Computers, printers, servers, CCTV systems, automation, etc...)

To list our practice and main product family;

  • Local Area Network (LAN) Switches for data centers, backbone, edge and branch solutions
  • Unified Branch: A "Router" family developed to make VPN connections securely in branch offices
  • Wireless Networking: Low-cost and scalable wireless networking systems
  • Unified Management: centralized management in data and voice networks