The Avaya brand is a leading manufacturer with superior experience and know-how, with its history based on the invention of telephone and up to Bell Laboratories. It is only one of Avaya's unique breakthroughs that it is in a position to produce technology with its constantly innovative products and renovations that have become standard on the market.

With IP telephony and advanced data infrastructures, your organization can solve all voice and data operations with a single manufacturer. Consider a virtual network structure that you can manage with one touch, even managing the edge switches. Having created the Fabric Network technology, Avaya has a wide range of products, from backbone switches to wireless products, from IP telephones to the mobile world, from software development systems to video conference system infrastructures.

Continuing its pioneering role in rapidly developing cloud technology in recent years, Avaya can offer voice, data and video conferencing solutions without the need for a hardware investment. Integrating your existing investments helps protect your finances as well.

As Isnet, with the title of the highest partnership level of Avaya; Diamond Partner, we are delighted to offer the entire Avaya product portfolio to our customers and to guide and support them in line with the needs of our customers. The "Partner in Customer Excellence" title awarded to partners by Avaya Global headquarters who achieved customer satisfaction of over 90% as a result of surveys conducted directly with customers at regular intervals, proves that we have put our valued customers needs first in business.

In this respect, Isnet, who is always in the first place among the Avaya partners in Turkey, will continue to work with great enthusiasm to introduce Avaya technology to your esteemed customers by adhering to the principles of excellent customer satisfaction.